# Versioning

# Upgrading from v10 to v11

The v11 series of rok8s-scripts will include Helm 3 (opens new window). This will require your cluster to be running Helm3 for it to work.

WARNING If you deploy your application with Helm3 and it has already been deployed with Helm 2, you may have issues!!! Please migrate to Helm 3 (opens new window) before using Rok8s-Scripts v11+!!

# Versioning v8.0.0 and beyond

Rok8s-scripts contains a number of dependencies that have various ways of versioning themselves. Most notably, Helm tends to break backward compatibility with every minor release. We have decided that post v8 of rok8s-scripts, we will update our versions according to the version change of the underlying tool. For example, if Helm changes from 2.13.0 to 2.14.0, we will change the version of rok8s scripts by one minor version. This will be clearly mentioned in the release notes. This means that a minor version of rok8s-scripts could introduce breaking changes to the CI/CD pipelines that are using it.

Please note that we will still commit to any patch version releases being backward-compatible. We will never release a patch version that upgrades an underlying tool beyond a patch version, and we will not release any patch versions of rok8s-scripts that introduce a breaking change.

Here is a set of guidelines to follow when deciding what version of ci-images (and thus rok8s-scripts) to use:

# You are very risk-averse

You want rok8s-scripts to be stable, and just keep working until you decide to upgrade.

In this scenario, you should pin to a minor version of rok8s-scripts such as v11.8-alpine.

# You like to live dangerously

You are okay with your pipeline breaking occasionally and having to upgrade things as they break.

In this case, go ahead and pin to a major version such as v11-alpine.